Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

In life, there are things that happen, things that you recieve that you really are not just worhty of. This is one of them. Finishing first in the Methobloggers Bracket Challenge is a honor that I am proud to recieve. It is also nice to beat Bro. Greg, but is really just icing on the cake. Just think, next year Ole Miss will make the Big Dance, and then I pick them, as well as hopefully repeat!


  1. Ole Miss would be an even worse pick than Tennessee...ha ha.

    Congrats dude. You did it. Now how about taking your friend out for lunch on all those winnings?

  2. I'll use my winnings from the bracket challenge to pay for lunch.

  3. Lunch at any place of my choosing????

    hmmmm !! :)

    See ya monday