Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Isaiah 1:21-31

In the prophets there are two things the Lord normally condemns the people for, and they are linked to each other. The first is idolatry. They have worshipped idols and have not given their true devotion to God. The second is something that He condemns just as strongly. They are not treating each other as they should. They are taking care of the poor, the orphans, the needy. They are not caring for the oppressed, they are robbing and stealing. They are not caring the needy in their midst.

As we draw close to Christmas, let's make sure that God is our first love, above all else. Let's give our devotional to Him, above all. And let's take care in this time to to take care of the needy all around us. Let's give. And love. And serve. Let's show God's grace and mercy to all.

New Testament Lesson

1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Paul, in his ministry, kept the first thing the first thing. His calling was to share the Good News of Jesus with as many as He could. His calling was to share the grace and salvation of God with everyone. Why? Because He had been saved by this goodness of God. And that salvation called Him to love others.

That is what being a Christian is supposed to look like. Loving God because of what God has done for us. And loving others, because of what God has done for us. God's great love for us should motivate us to be the most loving, forgiving, serving people out there. Look at the love given us! How awesome is that!?! May we love one another in the same way.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 20:9-18

Jesus was rejected by many during His ministry. He came showing God's love and power, and He was rejected by many. He was rejected because they didn't like what He was calling them to do, or they didn't like the way He did it, or they didn't like what He said, or how He said it. He came offering life, life abundant and life full, and they rejected it.

Today, through following Him and living in His love and mercy, He offers us life. Life full and abundant. May we not reject His life today. May we live in His life today. And may we find more life there than any place else.

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