Friday, May 12, 2006

Easter: Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a Gospel Lesson. It's Mother's Day weekend. If your mom is still with us, be sure to spend time with her, and if she has gone on to be with the Lord, be sure to remember her fondly and the the Good Lord for her.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 5:27-37

We see in this teaching that for Jesus, our heart must be right above all. Our salvation does not come from what we do, but rather who we are. Jesus tells us again and again that it it is not just enough to not do wrong, we must be right on the inside.

And notice, this isn't something Jesus said that we might want to do it. He said this is what we must do. Sometimes folks read these words of Jesus and think they are merely suggestions, they are mere an unattainable set of goals. It is not so. He sets forth for us in these passages on in Matthew that Christian morality must look like.

Morality is not just about our actions, it is about growing in grace. It is about become more and more each day what God wants you to be. We cannot be satisfied think that we have arrived, that we are what we should be. No! No one is what they should be. We all have room to grow and change and be more holy. This side of heaven, we have room to grow.

Today, does your morality come from your outward actions, or does it come from the heart? If is from the heart, it will shape our actions, but if our heart is dirty, then our actions don't mean much at all.

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