Monday, May 1, 2006

Easter: Monday, May 1, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Exodus 18:13-27

We see in this passage that Moses listened to wise counsel. Moses was a pretty powerful guy. God had done a lot through Him. God had spoken to him and through him. Moses had every reason to think that he had it figured out.

And yet, he was not afraid to listen to someone else’s opinion. In fact, this opinion was so wise, it caused him to change the way he was thinking and the way that he was leading the people. In spite of all that he had done and all that God had done through him, he wasn’t afraid to listen and to change.

Today, we may have done so good stuff, but I doubt any of us have done as much for God as Moses. And if Moses was not afraid to listen to others, why should we be? If Moses was not afraid to take constructive criticism, why should we be? If Moses was unafraid to change, why should we be? Today, listen for God and listen for God speaking through others. Today, listen for ways that God make speak that will cause you to change everything you are doing. But know if God asks us to change, it is for our benefit and for His glory. Today, listen to wise council, just as Moses did.

New Testament Lesson

1 Peter 5:1-14

We see here in this passage a couple of important things

First, in v 3, we see that as Christians, we should lead by example. A lot of people like to talk about how much they love God, but what does their life show? It doesn’t matter how much we claim to love God, how much we claim to be faithful, how much we claim to detest sin. What matters is the example that our life sets. Today, do your claims about how much you love God match your life?

Second, we see in v 8 that the devil is a roaring lion, seeking to destroy. The way a lion attacks its prey is that it finds the one that is weak, the one that is separated from the pack. Today, are you weak in your faith? Today, are you separated from you “pack,” the Body of Christ? It is hard to fight off the devil, fight off temptation, and fight off evil when you are alone. We must not be. We must not live our lives apart from God and His church. Today, are you in the Body of Christ, or are you wandering off alone?

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 3:1-6

As God prepares to do a new thing, He lays the ground work for that new thing. Before Jesus came, John the Baptist appeared, and began to preach the same message that Jesus began to preach, Repent!

John was different than what folks were used to seeing, and he preached a different message. He only concern was laying that ground work for Jesus. He only concern was being faithful to God and to his mission. Today, what new thing is God trying to do in your life?

In your family?

In your church?

Has he sent someone to lay the ground work? Or is He sending you to lay the ground work? God is always up to something, and the great thing is that He chooses to use and you and me. Today, like John, are you focused on your mission and God’s plan? Today are you watching and listening for God will do? Today, are you letting God use you?

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