Thursday, February 8, 2007

Epiphany: Thrusday, February 8, 2007

Gospel Lesson

Mark 10:17-31

A couple of things about this passage. First, we in the church like to sometimes think that Jesus merely wanted the Rich young man to be willing to give everything away. The word doesn't say that, Jesus wanted him to actually do it.

The reason why we think this way is because we don't want to give away our stuff either. We don't want to put everything aside for Jesus. It is much easier to say that we are willing to put everything aside for Jesus. Most of us today would probably say that there is nothing in our lives we love more than Jesus or is more valuable than Jesus. But, in really, how many, me included, would actually walk away from everything for the sake of Jesus. That is what He wants, and that is what we must be willing to do, to truly follow Him.

Nothing must be above Jesus on the throne of our hearts. And this is why He says that it is hard for the rich to enter into heaven, for they have many things that they love more than God.

But, while you and I might not be too rich, do we not also have many things that we love more than God? Are there not many places that we are on Sunday, other than God's house? How many of us do not miss a ball game, a hunting trip, a shopping trip, a vacation, yet will willing miss our time with God, be it on Sunday, or each day.

The rich young ruler walked away for there were things in his life he loved more than Jesus. Will you and I make the same choice?

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  1. Powerful message today. It strikes to the core. The problem is that it's true. The truth sometimes hurts when we're faced with it. I preached a sermon two Sundays ago about how when Jesus gave the hometown crown the "Cold Hard Truth" they didn't like it. And their response was negative. A lot of people would hear this message and deny or get defensive about it in their own lives. But the truth of the matter is that you are right and that when we hear it, we must not look at those out there that it affects, but inside at myself.

    Good message yesterday too. I just didn't comment.

    Glad to have you back.