Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Epiphany, Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Today, just a Gospel Lesson

Gospel Lesson

Mark 10:1-16

We see in this passage Jesus take the children upon His knee and bless them. We see Him say that the kingdom belongs to those such as this. We see in children simple trust, simple obedience, simple love. Life has a way of making things more complicated for us as adults. We don't worry about the simple things, we don't take joy in the simple pleasures, we don't have that simple trust.

Maybe that's what Jesus means. Heaven belongs not to the smart, or the powerful, or the rich, or the famous. But, it belongs to those that simple come to Him. It belongs to those that simple worship Him. It belongs to those that know that they have nothing to bring to the table but themselves and they know that Jesus simply loves them.

Today, don't' try to impress God (or others) with your holiness. Simply come to Him and love Him. Simply come and allow Him to love you. Know that in simple love, simple obedience,you will find life, now and forever more.

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