Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ordinary Time: September 5, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

1 Kings 9:24-10:13

Today, we see in the entrance of Pharaoh's daughter. Do you remember what the condition of God's blessings was to Solomon? That he continue to worship God as his father David did. Well, in Egypt, they worship many God. On the surface, this is not a huge deal. But, her entrance to the story would become the beginning of his undoing.

Isn't that the way sin works? Its not the big ones, or the ones that everyone makes a big deal about. For most of us, its the little ones that no one sees that can slowly chip away at our walk with God. Its not just the big ones that we need to be on the lookout for, its the little ones that can start the snowball rolling.

New Testament Lesson

James 3:1-12

I love that image of out the same mouths come both blessings and curses. Who can tame the tongue. It is is so powerful. It can build up and it can tear down. It can praise God and it can curse our neighbor. It can do great good, it can do great, great harm. It is with our tongues that can pray, sing praises, give witness. It is with our tongues that we can turn others from the faith, that we can bring doubt and despair. Our tongues can do many things.

In what way will we use our tongues today?

Gospel Lesson

Mark 15:1-11

Notice a couple of things about Pilate this morning. First, he was amazed at Jesus. It says he was amazed when Jesus gave no answer. Then it says that he knew what the people were really up to; this wasn't about anything other than they were jealous of Jesus. He knew these things. He knew what was right.

Yet, he still handed Jesus over to be crucified. It is not just enough to know what is right. We must do what is right.

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