Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Proverbs always sets up two things for us to look at.  It compares what this world and culture tells us that we should be striving after, and then it tells us what is truly worth seeking after. For instance, verse 17 tells that a simple meal of vegetables is much better than a fancy feast, if the simple meal is where love is. 

Now, our culture will tell us that we should always strain to the reach the fancy feast. But, what good is all the trappings of the world, if love is not there. Now, there is nothing wrong with a fancy meal, they can be quite wonderful. But, what truly makes a meal worth eating is eating it with someone you love. 

That is what makes life truly wonderful, having those that we love. Today, let us seek after the things that truly matter, and in doing that, we'll find the greatness of life all around us.  

New Testament Lesson

This has one of the great verses of scripture. God desires for all to come to know Him, all to love Him, all to receive His grace. He is a God that wants everyone to know the grace of redemption, of love, of mercy, of salvation. 

Because all were made in His imagine, and He desires for all to know Him. That is His desire. And if His desire is for all to know and be in relationship with Him, shouldn't that affect us?  That should make our relationship with Him primary, and we should devote ourselves to making sure that others know the grace that we know. He desire that all should Him. So should we!  

Gospel Lesson

The people asked for sign, but Jesus was doing signs all around them.  He was healing.  He was teaching.  He was preaching.  He was showing God's presence all around. They asked for a sign, but they didn't see that He was giving them sign after sign after sign. They just weren't looking. 

Today, if we will look, we'll see signs of His grace and love all around. We just have to look.  Not with our human eyes, but with the eyes of grace and faith. Today, may God open our eyes to see all that He is doing all around us!  

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