Monday, August 25, 2008

Ordinary Time: Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see the first of Job's friends begin to speak. And, all of them mean well. They are trying to comfort Job, they are trying to be a friend, help out, do what they can for him. But, it is what they say that they get in trouble. Today, the first friend basically says that the things that have happened to Job are God's way of punishing him. But, Job knows this is not true. He knows that he has done nothing to cause this to happen, and he just doesn't understand why. 

Sometimes the thing the Bible teaches us is what not to do. In the conversation between Job and his friends, the Bible teaches us that perhaps the wise thing to do something is just be a friend, be present, be there when you are needed, but not worry so much about saying something.  We remember those that are there with us in our hour of need.  What is said is not as important.  

Let us focus on being their for those that need us, whenever that may be.  

New Testament Lesson

What was said about Paul in this text, isn't that the greatest thing that can be said about someone?  Weren't you the one that used to do. . . . whatever it was.  And now, you are doing. . .   Paul was the one persecuting the church.  He was the one that was working against what God was doing.  Now, he was the one preaching.  He was the one teaching.  Now instead of trying to stop the Gospel, he's trying to spread the Gospel.

That's the power of God. That is what God can do. There is no life God can't change, no life that God can't redeem. If He could change Paul, He can change anyone. That is the power of God.  

Gospel Lesson

We see Jesus remind us of the importance of Communion.  It is something that is vital to the life of the Christian. Through it, God gives us grace.  Methodists call this meal a means of grace, it is something through which God give us grace, gives us grace to live for Him, serve Him, know Him, love Him, and love each other.  It is the meal of the church, and just as meal sustain the body for living; this meal sustains the soul for living.  

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