Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

As much as the Lord had blessed Samson and as talented as he was, his problem came from one major place. Pride.  He thought it was about him.  He thought he was the one getting it done. Perhaps the greatest danger that can happen to any leader is they begin to think it's all about them, and all the good that comes is because of them.  Samson become too proud; and that laid the seeds of his eventual destruction.  

May we guard our hearts against pride today and each day.  

New Testament Lesson

Stephen begins to preach about Jesus, but what he does is this.  He looks back in history and shows all the way and places God has moved.  He shows all the things that God has done; how He has brought salvation, how He has longed to bring His people back to Himself. And this act was completed in Jesus.  

But, before He got to Jesus, he wanted the people to look around and see what God had done all around them.  Today, may we remember that Sunday is not the only time that God moves. But, in fact, God is moving all around us each day.  In our lives, in our family, in our work, everywhere. Today, may we have eyes to see what God is doing.  

Gospel Lesson

We see the woman at the well return to her village and say, "Come and see."  Come and see this one.  She was stunned at meeting Jesus and hearing His words, her message was come and see. 

The best messages are always long. They aren't always full of words that only preachers know. They don't take great training. They are simple.  Come and see. Today, may our lives, our words, all that we are, may we proclaim this: Come and see this Jesus.  

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