Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ordinary Time: Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

One of the battles Saul faced was not that of Goliath, but that of fear vs faith. Saul was fearful of what may happen or could happen. The Lord had repeatedly done great things for him and had been a rock and shield for him. But, each time these trials could come, he would fall back into fear, instead of faith.

We do the same. We know God is there, we know God loves, we know God will be there. We are like Peter - increase our faith. Today, and each day, may we choose faith, instead of fear.

New Testament Lesson

For the longest time, the Jews were not to associate with the Gentiles. But, Peter comes to understand that one's walk with Christ is more important than anything that we as humans use to separate. Through Christ, we are all one. Through Christ, there are no divisions. Through Christ, we can be one. Even if we don't all agree or all share the same opinion, through Christ, we are one. Let us live as one, as God's children.

Gospel Lesson

The disciples had great joy. They had seen that the Lord has risen. They had seen that death could not hold Him back, they had seen that sin, death, and the grave are defeated. They had seen the power of God. And, with God's great power, they knew all things were possible.

Today, the same is true for us. Through God, all things are possible. Through God, we can know that joy, peace, and hope. And life. Through God, we can live.

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