Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

David was not the one that Samuel would have chosen. But he was the one that God had chosen. God doesn't choose like we chose, He doesn't pick as we pick. God looks at the heart. God looks at what matters most. If the heart is willing, God can do the rest. Because David had a willing heart, God did great things with. But, before God could do any of the things He wanted to do with David, the heart had to be ready.

Today, may we have wiling hearts.

New Testament Lesson

Cornelius was faithful, and the Lord heard his prayers. The Lord hears the prayers we offer. The Lord bends His ear to hear the words we utter. Even more, the Lord knows our hearts. Our prayers are not best defined by the words that come out our of mouths, our prayers are defined by the words upon our hearts.

Our prayer life is not simply the words that we may say. It's about our hearts' walk with God. It's about that relationship with God. It's about the heart longing to be in God's presence. That, even more than anything we'll every say, that's prayer.

Gospel Lesson

I love the story of Emmaus. The ones on the road almost missed the presence of Christ in their midst. They were so concerned with all that was happening and that was going on; they almost missed Jesus standing right beside them. How often to do we miss Jesus right here with us? How often are we concerned with other things that we miss Jesus, right here with us. Today, in this day, He is with us. May we have eyes to see, and souls to feel. He is with you, even now.

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