Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, September 17, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

1 Kings 22:29-45

One of the lessons we learn from all the books of Kings is that the vast number of the kings of both Israel and Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord. Just because they had this powerful position, that did not mean that they were righteous.

And the sad part about that is that these persons were put in a great position to do good. They could have done so much good for God when they were king, but the did not. Instead of turning to God, they turned to themselves. They did not use their positions for good.

Today, not many of us a kings. But, all of us are in a position where we can do some good for God. May we each use our positions for good and to glorify God. May we use whatever status or position we have for the goodness of God.

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 2:14-3:15

Paul reminds us today, let us not be divided by factions. Let us not be divided as Christians. While we may have different opinions and have different views of things, we are all one in Christ. If Christ is our Lord, if God is our Father, then we are family. And as family, we may have disagreements. But, that doesn't mean that we aren't family. As Christians, as brothers and sisters in Christ, may we remember that what unites is much great than whatever separates us.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 5:1-10

Jesus teaches today, blessed are those that seek God. Blessed are those that seek peace and mercy. Blessed are those whose desire is not for the things of this world, but the things of God. Blessed are those that truly know what's important. Blessed are those that seek what is right, just and good. Blessed are those that seek God.

May we seek God today, and each day.

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