Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

1 Kings 9:24-10:13

We see the height of Solomon's fame in this passage. He is the greatest political king in Israel's history. Never is the kingdom more famous, more powerful, more wealthy, or bigger than it would be under Solomon's rule. All is going well. Why? Because as the text said, Solomon was worshiping the Lord, doing as the Lord would have, following His command, judging and ruling wisely. The Lord had kept His promise to Solomon. The Lord had done what He had promised He would do.

The Lord is a God that keeps His word. He does not depart from what He promises. He does not break His word. Of all that keeps us safe and secure, the greatest is this: His promise to never leave nor forsake His. He is always with us. Today, and each day. Today, rest easy for the Lord is with you.

New Testament Lesson

James 3:1-12

This is one of the most powerful passages of scripture in my opinion. Out of the same mouths flow both blessing and curses, this should not be so! Who can tame the tongue? Each day of our lives, we have a choice with our words. We can build others up, or we can tear down. Each day. By the words we say. By how we speak to one another. By how we speak to strangers.

Our words have a chance to impact people. Do we speak with grace? Are our words graceful? Do we tame our tongue? Do we use this instatement for God's glory? Do we use it build up instead of tear down? Through His grace, may we do so.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 15:1-11

Jesus made no reply because He knew the real power in all of life was not Pilate or the religious leaders, but it was God. God is the one that is king. God is the one at work. Jesus had no reason to quake before any person, because God was king. This amazed Pilate.

And the same is true today. We have no reason to fear. From humans or from anything. God is King. God is with us. God will not leave us. Do not fear. God will never leave your side, no matter what. Do not fear. God is you rock, your shield, you defender. Do not fear. God is with you. Today, and always.

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