Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ordinary Time: Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Ezra 1:1-11

We saw a lot of warnings through the prophets - repent. Stop. Behave. Do right. Do justice. Follow God. Do what you are called to do. And if they people did not, judgement would come. And judgement did come. They were driven from they land. They were taken away. They suffered. They were destroyed and defeated. They lost everything. They felt forsaken.

And now, at that point, what happens? Hope. God says, I will send you back. I have not given up on you. I am still God and you are still my people. And will still save you. I will restore you. I have not forsaken you, even in the rough parts. God preserved a remnant. God preserved His people. And He longed to save them, even then. God is a God that does not forsake His people, even in the rough times.

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 16:1-9

One of the things that Paul tells all the churches they should do is to take up and offering for the folks in Jerusalem. They are poor. They have no means of support. They have no means of protection. They face persecution from every side. They are defenseless and with our support.

Except from other churches. Remember, we are all on the same team. No matter what church we go to. No matter what denomination we are part of. We are all part of the same team. We all work together for a common cause - the cause of Christ. We are all part of the same family. Paul told the churches to support one another. May we do do the same today.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 12:15-21

In Jesus name, all people have hope. In Jesus name, all people have joy and peace and redemption. In Him name all people have life. In His name all people find love and healing and mercy. In His name there is life. No where else is life found, but in Jesus. Today, and each day, may we live in the power of Jesus name.

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