Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Joshua 8:30-35

In this passage you see the people standing between two mountains. Moses puts forth a choice in the law. They can choose to obey God and receive His blessings and that is represented by one mountain, or they can choose to disobey and that is represented by the other.

The people then have a choice. Will they obey or disobey? Will they be faithful or unfaithful? Will the receive God's blessings or curses? Which road will they choose. This is reenacted in this passage to remind the people of their choice.

We too have the same choice. Will we obey or disobey? We have a choice each day. Will we be faithful or unfaithful. Every day, today included, we have a choice. Today, which road will you choose?

New Testament Lesson

Romans 14:13-23

We see in passage that as Christians we have a responsibilities to others. If the way I live causes others to stumble, then I should change. Today, do your coworkers and friends see you as Christian? If so, in the way you live, do you honor or dishonor Christ? If we are living in such a way that causes others to stumble, according to this passage, we should change our lives, for we must not allow others to stumble because of our actions.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 26:57-68

We see in the passage the beginning of the trial where our Lord gave Himself for our salvation. Never forget what He endured for our sake. Never forget the slaps, the abuse, the betrayal, the blood, the sweat, the tears He shed for you and me.

He gave all for us; for our forgiveness and for our lives. In our lives, do we give Him all, or do we merely given Him just a little. He must be Lord of all of that we are. Only in making Him Lord of our lives can we find the life that we truly need.

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