Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We've moved, and all should be back to normal as far as my blogging. We'll see.

Old Testament Lesson

1 Samuel 7:2-17

One of the great lessons we can learn from the Israelites is the source of our strength. Literally every time they try to fight a battle on their own, they are defeated. But, the times when they turn to the Lord first, they prevail. This is one of the few times they get it right. The enemy attacks and instead of turning to another country for protection, or taken up an idol, they say to Samuel, don't stop praying!

What a great encouragement. Don't stop praying! That is a lesson we can learn in life. When the storms come, when the wind blows, when things start coming, don't stop praying! Turn to Him, and know that in that moment of trial, He will be there for us, just as He was for the Israelites.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 6:1-15

We see a great insight in this passage. Everyone cannot do everything. That is why Paul says that we are body. The Apostles couldn't possible be everyone at all times. So, they appointed others to do the task that they could not do. They needed that help. If the Apostles realized they could not do everything and be at all places at once, why do we think that we can?

Just like they knew they needed help, so do we. In your hour or need, turn to your sisters and brothers in Christ, and know that they will be there for you. That is why we are body. We all have different gifts and graces, and together, we can do great things for God!

Gospel Lesson

Luke 22:14-23

When the hour came. That is how this passage starts. One of the things that we see in Jesus' life is that everything unfolded at just the right moment, at just the right time. He was born in the fullness of time, at the right time He went to John to be baptized, at the right time, He called the Disciples, at the right time He began His ministry, and at the right time He set His face like a flint towards Jerusalem. At the right time.

God's clock is sometimes different than ours. Be sure that you are paying attention to His clock, to His time, and to His plan. If we are doing that, everything else will work as it should.

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