Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Trinity: Tuesday, June 5 ,2007

Old Testament Lesson

Ruth 1:19-2:13

Boaz was under no obligation to do for Ruth what he did. Now, the Law says that he must allow the poor to glean from his field, and later we will get into the understanding of the kinsmen redeemer, but at this point, he is treating Ruth with respect and dignity, even though in that it was not expected that someone rich and powerful would even speak to someone of Ruth's estate.

We see that played out in the fact that Ruth simply falls prostate before him. Boaz was a good man, and sought to do good by everyone, even those that in the society were considered "less' than him. He sought to do right by everyone. What higher sign of character is there, than treating everyone, everyone, the same. May we live in such away where we treat everyone with the respect that they are due as being made in the image of God.

New Testament Lesson

1 Timothy 1:18-2:8

We see for Paul, one of those signs of good life, an obedient life, is prayer. Praying not just those that we know, but for leaders and authority for wisdom. Praying not just for leaders, but for those that do not know the Lord, that they may be saved. Praying for everyone, everyone that needs it.

That is the best option and power we have as a Christian: prayer. Let us not take it lightly. Let us know forget about it. Let us not take it for granted. Let us pray. Let us pray with the power and the freedom that our Lord has given us.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 13:10-17

We see in this passage that those opposed to Jesus were focused on the wrong thing. He had healed someone, and they say, well, you're not supposed to do that, only on the Sabbath. And, Jesus pointed out they were following the letter of the law, but missing the point of it.

Today, pay more attention to following Jesus than following legalism. There are things we are supposed to, and there are things that we are not supposed to do. But, the thing that matters the most is following Him, obeying Him, serving Him. Spent time focused on that, and everything else will fall into place.

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