Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ordinary Time: Thursday, July 12, 2007

I accidentally read today's passages yesterday, so today, you get yesterdays!

Old Testament Lesson

1 Samuel 16:1-13

Its a good thing the Lord was picking and not Samuel, because if not, the wrong guy would have been picked. David had nothing to him to make him look like he should be king. But, he had the heart for God. He had the heart for the calling. He had the heart for trusting in what God could do.

Remember it is not always the biggest or the strongest that God will use. He will use the willing. Today, don't look at what you are or you aren't. Look and and see if you are willing. If so, God will use you.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 10:1-6

We see here a man God uses. He was a Gentile, he was faithful, and God used him for something mighty in the next passage. But, just like looking at David, you wouldn't think he would be the one that God would use. Surly a priest, or someone powerful in the eyes of others. But a Centurion? A Roman solider? Surly God could find someone better than that.

But, he was willing, and God used him. That's all it takes to be used by God. Be willing.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 24:12-35

This is that great passage where the two were walking down the road and did not realize that Jesus was in the very midst until the bread was broken. So, as we the children of God break bread within our services of communion, we realize that He is still there, in our midst. We just have to open our eyes, open our ears, open ourselves to Him.

The bread was broken, and the realized the Lord. When we break bread, may we realize as well. But, may it not take the breaking of bread to realize He is with us, for He is with us even now.

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