Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ordinary Time: Thursday, July 26, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

1 Samuel 28:3-20

It begins to crumble all around Saul at this point. He has done right in banning mediums from the kingdom, but now he feels cut off from everyone and everything, and as a last resort, he turns to something that he knows is wrong, but he hopes will give him the answers he wants.

I really feel sorry for Saul at this point. Bless his heart. He is trapped and he has no hope. And, his story is coming to a soon end. And, it all began to spiral down when he did not do that which the Lord commanded. That point A led to this point B. We never fully know the consequences of our actions. If Saul knew his disobedience what have lead to this, surely he would not have disobeyed. But, he did not.

Choices, decisions, all these things in life have far reaching consequences. May we choose wisely, and may we do the things that will bring life in all that we do.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 15:1-11

Peter was respected by everyone. After all, he was Peter! And at this critical moment when literally the future of the church was being decided, he stands to speak. And he does say, I think. . . . or I feel. . . . .or I anything. He says basically that God is moving. And if God is moving, who are we to interfere. Even if we don't like it, or even understand it. If God is moving, let do what we can to help.

That's one of the great things about church. We might not understand or even like everything that happens in church, but if God is moving, that's a good thing! If people are growing, that's a good thing! If good is being done, that's a good thing! So, lets find where God is moving, and lets join in! And in that, together, we can all do some great things!

Gospel Lesson

Mark 5:1-20

What a concept in this passage. Jesus does something great for this man, by casting out the demons, and you know what he does? He goes and tells everyone! He goes and tells everyone about the great thing Jesus has done for him. Friends, that is the Christian life in short. God has done something awesome for us. We are called to go and tell others.

Tell them with our words. Tell them with our actions. Tell them with our love. Tell them with our very lives. God has done so very much for us. May our lives be an act of conversation, telling others about our God.

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