Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

1 Samuel 25:23-44

We see in this passage that Abigail took that step out on faith and it saved her life. And, at that point, it spared the life of Nabal. One of the things in life we have to do at times is to take that step of faith. Abigail did not know how David would react. She didn't know how this would all play out in the end. But, she did what she felt like was the best, what she felt lead to do, and she step out on faith.

Doing that is scary. It is frightening to step out on faith. But, it is also where we can most learn to trust. So much of life is lived out on the edge. If you are lead to that edge of faith, and lead to step out on faith, do it. The Lord will catch you!

New Testament Lesson

Acts 14:19-28

We see Paul face great sufferings for the sake of the Gospel. Sometimes, the road will be hard. Sometimes we will face things that we don't understand. Sometimes we will even face opposition over things that we know are right. But, in these moments of trouble, remember that God is good and His strength will be there when we need it. If you are on a hard road this morning, don't lose hope! God is still there, He will still be there no matter want comes. Paul didn't keep pushing because he liked being stoned and beaten. He kept pushing because He knew the good news of the Gospel and the hope it can bring to all that hear it!

Today, keep walking. The Lord will be there.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 4:35-41

I love what the disciples say to Jesus here. Do you not care that we will perish? They were so afraid of the storm, they felt like Jesus didn't care if they lived or died. The felt like He had thrown them to the wolves; that there would surly meet there end in this sea on that boat. They we so afraid they they had felt like Jesus was going to just let them drown.

That's fear. And, while we may not have been there like that, at some point we have all thought the same thing. Do you not care if I drown? Do you not care if the sickness is too much? The pain? The loss? The hurt?

How did Jesus respond in this text? Peace. How does He respond to us? Peace. Sometimes He calms the storm. Sometimes He calms our raging hearts. But, in both cases, He will not let us drown. And, He does care.

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