Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ordinary Time: Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

2 Kings 23:4-25

In the past few days and weeks we've seen a bunch of kings, most more evil than the last. Today, we see perhaps the greatest king since David, Josiah. He did right in the sight of God. He tore down the idols, he destroyed the places of false worship, and he brought back the Passover and the correct worship of God. He was righteous and he was good.

Yet, he came from a sinful father. His upbringing was not the best. In spite of that, he chose what was right. Perhaps this has two lessons for us. First, just because someone comes from what many deem to be a "bad" family does not mean they will turn out that way. Second, and more important, what we can we do as the church and as individual Christians do to make sure that persons that aren't born into the best of situations see light and love and mercy. What can do to make that possible?

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

We see today that in spite of different gifts, they all come from the same giver. All of our talents and gifts, as diverse as they are, all come from the same Lord. May we never be more in love with the gift than with the Giver. And may we always remember that all of our gifts, great and small, are given to glorify the Giver of life and love and mercy.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 9:18-26

We see Jesus bringing life to two hopeless situations today. One as a daughter than was dead, the other a women very sick. In both cases, people turned desperately to Jesus, knowing He was their last hope. In both cases, Jesus brought life to situations that looked hopeless. But, let us never forget, there is no hopeless situation. For, as long as God's Spirit is at work, God's people are on the move, and God's light guides us each, there is nothing too dark, no situation too hopeless, no need too great, that God can't work.

Remember, He is not done with us yet, and remember there is no darkness to dark that God' can't bring light.

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