Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Good Morning,

Sorry about the lack of blogging yesterday. It was a long weekend with a long Monday, and my day just kind of got a way from me.

This morning, I want to ask you a question for my own guidance with my daily posting. Are they helpful to you? If not, is there any way they could be improved? Is there something that you would like to see instead of what I blog each day?

My blogging started out a couple of years ago as my own personal thoughts on the daily Bible readings for that day, but since then, they've transformed, and my own personal devotional life has changed some as well.

And today I was thinking about how as a pastor do you get people to buy into what God is doing and help them catch the vision that the Spirit may have, and the only what that can happen is through the grace of God working in their lives.

So, as the church, and as a Pastor, I have to do all that I can to allow that to happen. How does that happen? Through what Wesley called the "Means of Grace." Some of these are public: worship, communion, things of the like.

But, some are private: bible study, fasting, prayer. I want my daily posting to be a means of grace to you, something that allows you grow closer to God and deeper into His word.

Is it doing that? If not, how could it better do that? Feel free to comment or email me today or in the coming days with any thoughts. And, I'm not fishing for a compliment. I'm actually more interested in ways in how my daily posting can change and grow.

Thanks for you input.

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