Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

2 Chronicles 29:1-3, 30:1-27

We see in this passage one of the great kings of Judah, Hezekiah. What makes him great? Is it his great army? Mighty strength? Wisdom? Leadership? All of this are important for a king, but what made him a great king is what was said in the first part of this passage. He did right in the eyes of the Lord.

Not many kings in his day could say that. In fact, that was not said about many kings at all. But, it was said about him. He right in God's eyes, and in that; he lead the people right. Great leadership comes from following God. If we are led by Him, we will be able to lead others. Hezekiah followed the Lord, and in doing that, he lead the people right. May we each do the same in our jobs, families and churches.

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 7:32-40

We see Paul continue to tell the people to focus on God. That is what is what is most important to him, and to each of us. But, we think, why does Paul keep saying this? Why can't he move onto something else? Perhaps because we sometimes need to hear things over and over again before they sink in. That is why in the Old Testament, the people are told over and over and over again to tel the stories to their children. For, the more the kids hear, the better they'll remember. And the better they remember, the more they'll live in the knowledge of God's love and truth. Paul wants the the people know that God needs to come first. So, he keeps telling us.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 7:1-12

The Lord tells us that great parable today, before you take the speck out of your neighbors' eye; look for the log in your own. We are all weak and frail, and we all need to realize that we each stand, only by God's grace. And, if we stand in that grace, we will realize that we should be slow to criticize, quick to praise, and prayerful in all.

Let's spend more time looking for the logs in our own eyes, and less time looking for the specks in our neighbors. In doing that; we come to realize that as that old spiritual goes

It's me oh Lord - Standin' in the need of prayer
It's me oh Lord - Standin' in the need of prayer

Not my mother (not my father) it's me oh Lord
Not the preacher (not the sinner) It's me oh Lord
Standin' in the need of prayer

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