Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent: Monday, December 18, 2007

We've been fighting computer problems this morning here in the office, so today just an Old Testament reading.

Old Testament Lesson

Zechariah 1:7-17

One of the constant themes of the Old Testament Readings during the season of Advent is that in spite of the sin of the people; in spite of their turning away, God is sending a new hope. God is sending someone that will bring about peace and hope and love. God is sending someone that will restore things to the way that it ought to be and bring about the life that God wants for His people to have.

So, even in the midst of our wilderness wandering, God is there. Even when we've turned away, God is there. Even when we feel like we've lost our way, God is there. He is always calling us back home, calling us unto Himself, calling us back to life.

Even now, in this moment, He is calling back. Come on home, even now.

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