Monday, January 14, 2008

Epiphany: Monday, January 14 2008

Old Testament Lesson

One of the amazing things about the Genesis 2 account of creation is that the motivating force behind God creating Eve was so that Adam would not be alone. That's kind of an odd thought for an Almighty and powerful God to be concerned with. Why would He care if Adam was alone. Why did that concern Him?  After all, He's God, He can do what He wants. 

Yet, He was concerned. His concern and His heart was for His creation.  So, it matter to God if Adam was alone.  It mattered to God if things were not as they should be. The things of Adam's life mattered greatly to God.  And for that reason, He created Eve. 

What does this mean to us?  The things in our lives that we think God might not care about, He does care.  No concern of our is to small.  No issue of ours is to trivial.  If it troubles us, it will trouble God.  He wants us to bring our concerns, our worries, our hurts to Him.  For He cares for us.  

New Testament Lesson

We see here that God communicated to His people in many ways, but His greatest means to reach us was through His Son.  But, He did try many, many different things to try to get our attention and call us back to Himself.  But, it was only through Jesus that humanity finally got the message. 

Perhaps today, He will try to speak to us. But the thing is, it might be a way that we aren't expecting. The Lord can speak in some unusually ways and through some unusually people.  That means that we must be listening at all times to hear what He has to say.  Today, take time to listen.  If you do, you'll hear His voice.  

Gospel Lesson

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  I love that phrase.  It may be the most beautiful in all of Scripture to me.  In the beginning Jesus was there and He was God, He is God, and will always be God. Through Him all things were made, and through Him all things are held together. 

And, this amazing and strong and might God chose to walk as we walk, talk as we talk, live as we live, and die upon the cross for sake. 

My friends, that is love.  

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