Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, January 24, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

The people got themselves into trouble when they said, hey we can really be something. And the Lord knew the people of humanity when we really work together.  But, in this case we were working together out of pride and evil hearts.  So, the Lord put a stop to it.  

A couple of things we can learn. First, let's always try our best to be aware of our motivations. They were motivated out of pride and out of a wrong heart.  That was the first thing that got them in trouble. 

But secondly, think of all that we can do when we work together.  Think of the good we can do when we work for the common good. Think of the good we can do when we work together for the kingdom. Think of what we can do for God when we join together. 

In the passage, they joined together for selfish and prideful reasons. May we join together for good.  

New Testament Lesson

One of the things that Hebrews stresses over and over again is that God makes promises to us. God comes to us and makes covenants with us. God desires relationship with us, and desires a partnership with us.  He doesn't have to.  After all, He is God. But, He wants us to work with Him.  He wants us to be with in His plan. 

Think about all the ways that God could change the world. But, think about how He chooses to change the the world. Through us. Through the Church. Through the people of God working together for His glory. Today, He wants to use us in some powerful way.  May we allow Him.  

Gospel Lesson

You may have heard a lot of sermons or bible studies about all the things that Jesus has done in this passage that people just didn't do.  He went to Samaria.  You don't do that.  He talked to a women in public.  You don't do that.  They discussed religion.  You don't do that.  She was probably a woman in low standing since the the proper women would have went to the well much earlier in the day; not at noon. 

Yet, Jesus violates all these things for one reason and one reason alone.  This woman was a child of God, and she needed to hear grace.  He knew that she needed to know that she was loved and she was valuable.  He didn't think about what others might think, He simply knew she needed to hear what He had to say. 

Today, may we be more concerned with making sure that people hear a word of grace than we are concerned about what other folks may think.  

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