Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday: February 6, 2008

Today we begin the journey of Lent.  I hope that you are able to reflect upon the sacrifice of Christ today, and each day of Lent.  May the reminder of what He has done for each of us bring us to a closer devotion to Him. 

Old Testament Lesson

Amos 5:6-15

Today, seek good, not evil.  Evil is always lurking.   Evil is always creeping. Evil is always at our door.  Sometimes the evil is in the world.  Sometimes it is in the culture. Sometimes it is in our hearts, it is in our frailties, it is in our very self. Today, evil is lurking.  Temptation is waiting.  Sin is out there.  Be aware. Be aware of your own frailties, your own weaknesses, your own temptations. 

Today, seek good, not evil. Evil is waiting. Turn from it. 

New Testament Lesson

Hebrews 12:1-14

In this season of Lent, this time of reflection, turn to discipline.  Turn to things like prayer and fasting and reflection and service. When we do that, we will see our great need for God. We when quiet ourselves, we see that we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are stronger than we really are. It is in times of discipline that we can see our weakness and that great need.

In those same times, we can see as great as our need is, our God is bigger. As great as our sin is; God's grace is bigger. As needful as we are; God's love is stronger. Turn to Him.  

Gospel Lesson

Luke 18:9-14

Today, remember that prayer of the tax collector. Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner. Lord have mercy on us today.  Forgive us when we turn away. Forgive our sins, give us the grace of repentance, give us the grace to turn from all that seeks to destroy us, give us the grace to turn to you. 

For only in God do we find life.  It is found no where else. Today, and during all of Lent, and all of life, may we turn away from that which is evil and turn to God.  

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