Monday, February 4, 2008

Ordinary Time: Monday, February 4, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see a lot of wisdom in Proverbs.  I used to have a minister friend of mine that said the key to a a happy life is to read 3 Psalms and 1 Proverb a day.  I can't testify to that; but I know that when we read the book of Proverbs, we receive wisdom that goes down deep. 

We see things today like let another praise you; don't do it ourselves. Those are very true words.  And that flies against everything that is popular in today's world. We are told to praise ourselves. To look out only for our wants and desires. That we are all that matters. 

Proverbs says, no.  You are not the end all and be all. There are others. There is wisdom. There is God.  Perhaps that first step to wisdom is humility.  If we are too prideful, we cannot learn and gain wisdom. But, if we humble ourselves, we can learn much. 

Today, may we see God's humility.  

New Testament Lesson

And we see the lesson from Proverbs driven home in this passage. We are to take in our mind the mind of Jesus, who humbled himself. If anyone deserved to toot his own horn, it was Jesus.  He was a pretty awesome guy. After all, He was the Son of God.  But yet, He didn't.  He humbled Himself.  He became a servant.  He loved and forgave.  He didn't boast Himself up; He let God give Him praise.  

Today, may we humble ourselves, and in doing that, receive the praise that matters most; the praise that comes from God.  

Gospel Lesson

We see the beginning of Peter's denial.  Remember there were two folks that denied Jesus.  Judas betrayed. Peter denied.  But, we see that there is forgiveness offered, for Peter was redeemed in spite of his failure.  Perhaps Judas was not forgiven because he would not ask for forgiveness. 

Today, even when we make mistakes and mess up, may we ask for forgiveness. 

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