Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lent: Thursday, February 21, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Genesis 42:29-38

We see in this passage that Reuben tries to stand up and do what is necessary to make things work.  You may remember from when Joseph was thrown into the well originally, it was Reuben that persuaded his brothers not to kill him.  One the things in life we learn is that we have to stand for what we believe in, and for what we know to be right.  Reuben did that.  Sometimes it worked out like he wanted, sometimes it didn't.  He couldn't control the outcome.  He could only control what he did.  He tried to do right. 

That's what we must do in life; try to do right.  All we can control is our actions.  And if we try to do right in that, everything is out of our control. Today, let's try to do right. 

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 6:12-30

Remember, we live not just for ourselves, but we live for God.  Sometimes we can fall for the myth that we live only for ourselves and what we want and what we desire. That is not true. We live for God and for His glory. We were bought with a price, we are not our own.  We are His.  May we learn to submit our desires to His, and live in the way that He wants us to live. And the truth is, that is the way that leads to life.  Living for Him and by His strength is the way to life.  

Gospel Lesson

Mark 4:21-34

Remember, the kingdom of God is like that mustard seed.  It isn't always what we thing that it is.  It will be in the small things. We can see the kingdom in our hearts, we can see it in the smile of a child, we can see it in an act of kindness done for another. We can see it each day.  We don't have to wait until Sunday to experience the kingdom. we can see it today. Today, may we experience God's kingdom among us.  

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