Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter: Monday, March 30, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Exodus 14:21-31

We see in the story of the crossing of the sea God intercede on behalf of the people. He clogged the Egyptians wheels, and threw them into the sea. One of the Biblical narratives we see is that God will fight for His people, He will come and stand on their side in their moment of need. We see it here in the Exodus, we see it as Scripture tells us that He is the God of widows and the fatherless, we see it as He heals the sick and brokenhearted, and we see it as He forgives us our sin.

Today, know that God stands with His people!

New Testament Lesson

1 Peter 1:1-12

We see above that God stands with us His people, we see here that His people will be tested, thought. That just as gold is refined through fire, so must our faith be refined. We will face tests and struggles and fights of the faith. We will face dark nights of the soul, we will face tears and worries. We face this these at different times in our lives.

But, do not despair! These trails strengthen our faith; they strengthen the soul. They make us stronger and more mature in faith! And, we never face them alone, for even in these tests, God is with us

Gospel Lesson

John 14:1-17

This is that great passage that so many of us have heard at our moment of grief. It is one of power text that speaks to us in our moment of great need. It comforts us, it consoles us, it speaks to us. Do not let you hearts be troubled. Through life will come and pain will come and trials will come and loss will come and confusion, and all the things that will pass through our lives, they will all come. Do not let you hearts be troubled. For where He is, there we will be also. He has not left us orphaned and He will return to us.

Today, do not be troubled. He is with us.

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