Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Lamentations 2:10-18

Today begins the two darkest days in the life of the church. Today is Maundy Thursday. This is the day we remember the institution of the Lord's Supper, and remember His betrayal. Today, this is the day, when we remember the abandonment of our Lord. The day we remember the suffering that He endured. Today, we remember what He suffered for our sake.

And we read in this Old Testament Lesson that suffering is something that many that serve God have experienced. We see Jeremiah suffer as he sees his city of Jerusalem destroyed. We see that there are times in life when pain and sorry come. And in this day, we see that our Lord suffered as we each at times suffer. And we know that in that, we suffer not alone.

New Testament Lesson

1 Corinthians 10:14-17, 11:27-32

Just as there is one cup, we are all one that believe in Christ. And we remember that on this night, our Lord was betrayed for each of us. For each of us, and for all the church, for all those that believe, He suffered and died.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 14:12-25

One this last night, before He was taken, the Lord wanted to leave something with His people that would strengthen them, that would support them, that would help them in their hours of need. Today, before He was taken, He left with us His Body and His blood. He left with us this meal.

Tonight, I hope you are able to be with your church and take a moment to remember what He has given us. If your church does not worship on Maundy Thursday, I encourage you to take a moment and remember the betrayal and remember His suffering. And remember this meal He has given. Take time tonight, to remember.

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