Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easter: Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

One of the things we see in the Bible is that people will be faithful and worship God one moment, and the very next moment turn away and do what they want to do. They will turn from God to sin, from moment to moment. We see this in the Bible, and we see it in our own lives too. We can look in our own life and see how one moment we can be faithful, and the next we can fall away.

That is we walk by and depend upon God's grace given to us. If we had to do it ourselves, we never could. But, if we depend upon His grace, we find that even when we fall down He still loves us and calls us to get back up; and be faithful. May we be faithful today.

New Testament Lesson

And as Paul tells us today, if we depend upon God's grace and mercy in our own lives, we must not judge one another. Judgement is God's business, not ours. It is not to us to do that; it is too God. Let us love and forgive, let us serve and help; let us seek to do all that we can to be an arrow pointing to heaven.

Let's not worry about judgement, though. We'll leave that to God. We are all imperfect, we all walk by God's grace. As God has given us each mercy, may we give mercy to one another.

Gospel Lesson

This man had been healed by Jesus, and he couldn't help but tell others about it. He couldn't help but let everyone know how great his God was and all the wonders that Jesus had done. How Jesus had brought him peace and healing. He had to tell someone.

And, as Jesus has brought peace to us as well, may we do the same. May we tell others about God's grace. But, not just with our words; with all our lives. As we love, serve, and forgive, God's grace will be proclaimed. And, as our lives are a testament to grace, God will be glorified!

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