Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Easter: Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

A lot of the Old Testament is about statement put forth at the end of this passage — the shall know that I am the Lord. The Lord offered laws. Miracles. Fire from heaven. So many different things to the people so that they would know that He is the Lord. And time and time again the people turned away.

So, God sent one last sign. His son. And in the Son, we see the fullness of God. The glory of God. The mercy of of God. We see who God is. And He sent the son so that we would know Him. Be drawn back to Him. Be restored in Him. In life in Him. Today, know that He is the Lord.

New Testament Lesson

God has promised to be with us. To love us. To never leave us. And God cannot break His promise. God cannot break His word. God will be true to Himself and true to His word. Today, we can trust in God. In this age of negativity and fear; let us not give end, let us not bend our knee. We have no reason to fear, for God is with us. And we can trust in Him.

Gospel Lesson

The Lord sent the disciples out. He didn't expect the people to come to them. They were expected to go to the people. So is it for us as the church and as people. We are called to go. Go into all the world, and go all around. Showing grace. Loving. Forgiving. Reminding everyone that they are of a sacred worth to God. So today, let us go.

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