Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

The Lord was the source of strength in the battle for Joshua and the people. In the early battles, they won completely, and they completely obeyed God. It wasn't until they started wanting to do it their own way that the people started having trouble.

When we do what God wants, we find a since of peace that our heart seeks. When we spend time with Him in prayer, through scripture, through worship, through service, when we seek Him, we find Him. When we start to do things our way, we do not find that peace we seek. Through Him we find what we seek.

New Testament Lesson

I love that first verse in this passage He (Jesus) is the visible image of the invisible God. In other words, if we want to see what God is like we need to look at what Jesus is like. Jesus is forgiving. Merciful. Loving. Compassionate. Caring. Working to bring people into right relationships with God and neighbor. Seeking to help folks be reconciled to each other. Wanting people to find peace and hope and life.

That's what Jesus is like. And Paul tells us, that's what God is like. When we see Jesus, we see God the Father. May we realized just how far God will go to bring us into that relationship with Him, and with each other.

Gospel Lesson

Jesus spent time in prayer. He spent time seeking to hear His father, seeking His voice, listening for Him. Jesus knew how important it was, how it was the source of all that He was and all He sought to do. Jesus spent time in prayer.

So should we. Today, may we pray without ceasing, may we always turn our hearts to God. And in that, may we find the life we seek.

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