Monday, October 13, 2008

Ordinary Time, Monday, October 13, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see Micah despair because things look bad all around.  Evil lays in wait everywhere you look.  Even the righteous have turned away.  And it is in this moment of despair and dread that Micah says, I'll wait upon the Lord.  Even in his time of trial, even now when things look bad.  Even when things look dreadful.  I'll wait upon the Lord.  

Even in the darkest hours, most fearful times, let us wait upon the Lord.  

New Testament Lesson

And now we begin to see why Paul has had to go through so much.  The journey lead him to the place where he would be able to give witness to his faith to the most powerful men in the world.  The journey he had been on took him to where he could glorify God before those that were in authority, and if God warned and changed their heart, then the Gospel would spread throughout the world!  

Paul took it one step at a time, even when he wasn't sure where the road was leading.  Paul knew what he was called to, and he knew who was calling him.  He knew that God would not lead him astray, no mattered where God called him. 

So do we.  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus calmed the soul of the one in need. Jesus brought peace to one that was broken.  Jesus brought restoration to the one separated from all.  Jesus brought salvation, and a life full of worth, meaning, and joy.  

Just as He offered to the man in the text today, so does He offer His peace to us today.  

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