Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sorry about no devotional yesterday, it was Monday all day long

Old Testament Lesson

I know I've used this quote a log, but It is so true, the reason why God hates sin is because of what it does to His children.  In Micah today we see that the people have turned from God and have fallen into terrible troubles.  So many of prophets tell the people that their sins have such great consequences. 

But, every prophet also says that if they will turn back to God He will save them, He will restore them, He will make it right. 

So is it for us today. When we turn to God we find He is there waiting for us with His love, His mercy, and His grace. 

New Testament Lesson

The Book of Acts at times reads like a suspense novel. We see all these different forces out to get Paul and destroy him. But, in all these things, God is at work bring about something good.  God was at working getting Paul to Rome. It was through Paul strengthening the Roman church that the Gospel was able to explode across the world. 

Even in the darkest situation, God is doing something.  Even in the worst time, God is doing something.  In all of life, and all of time, God is at work.

Gospel Lesson

We see Jesus bring restoration to families.  We see Him bring back children to families, restoring hope, restoring life, restoring peace to troubled hearts. 

We know that He is a God that longs for restoration.  He longs for His peace to be at peace.  He longs for His people to be in love with each other, and with Him.  

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