Monday, November 10, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, November 10, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Today, the Lord tells the people to wake up.  Look around.  See what is happening.  I think that can be an apt concern for us. We, too, should wake up.  But, perhaps, in a different concern.  Wake up to life all around.  Wake up to life in our churches, life in our families, life in our world.  Sometimes we get so consumed with the concerns of the day, work, responsibilities, the pains of life that we can fall into a slumber.  And forget to look around at life! 

Today, may we wake to the life that is all around us!  

New Testament Lesson

We see in this passage the destruction of Babylon.  We see that God has overcome that which was harming His church.  He has overcome that which was oppressing His church.  He has defeated that which harms His people. 

And that is the glorious hope of Revelation.  In the end, God will overcome all.  God will defeat that which harms His children and His church.  Good will win!  Hope will win!  Joy will win!  Today, we can trust in a God that is and will be victorious!  

Gospel Lesson

We see the love and mercy of our God today in this passage.  He is a God that invites all to His table.  He is a God that invites all to come to His feast.  He is a God that longs to welcome those in need.  He desires all to know Him, love Him, and be loved by Him.  

Today, may we seek to love others as our God in heaven has sought to love us! 

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