Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

When the prophets describe the day of the Lord, the one thing we see every time is the greatness of the Lord. Even the sun darkens when the Lord brings forth judgment.  God is so much bigger, stronger, more mighty than anything in all of creation.  He is the source of creation, and the giver of life.  He is above all, and king of all. 

So, why do we not thing He can't handle our problems? If He created everything, if He is the Lord of all; He can handle our worries, our fears, our concerns.  Nothing is bigger than God.  That means we can trust Him in all of life.

New Testament Lesson

We see the continued greatness of God in the celebration of the destruction of evil and in the wedding feast of the Lamb.  In a world that sometimes seems like it's spinning out of control, we must stop, and remember.  God is at work.  God is doing great things.  God has a plan, God has a way, God is at work.  Let us give thanks for all God has done and for all God is doing.  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus tells us to be His disciple, He must come first.  He must come above all.  Obedience to Him must be primary.  He must be our first love, our rock, our foundation.  He is to come first in our lives.  Lots of things compete for our time, our love, and our affection.  And many of them are good things.  But, Jesus tells us, He must come first.  

For, only when He is first, can we really live life fully.  Only when He is first can we really understand and know the fullness, the joy, the hope of really, lasting, and amazing life.  Only when He is first do we know where everything falls into place.  May He be first in our lives today.  

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