Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

There is one constant refrain in each of the prophets.  The Lord wants to forgive His people.  Every prophet works up the Lord's anger, the Lord's justice, the Lords might.  But, then there comes a point like today's text where it says, the Lord will forgive.  The Lord will relent.  If we turn to the Lord, He will forgive what has happened, He will forgive the sins of the past, He will spare His children.  

The Lord is always eager to forgive, longing to restore, ready to give grace.  No matter where we are or what we've done; when we turn to Him, He will forgive.  

New Testament Lesson

Revelation is fill with some wonderful imagines isn't it?  Who doesn't like reading about birds eating people?  But, the greater point is that Jesus is the King, He is victorious, He will reign over all.  Things in this time may look bad or discouraging, it may look like evil is winning at times. But, don't lose hope. God will win.  Jesus will reign.  God's will will be done.  Live in the freedom of knowing that no matter how things look now, God will win.  

Let us rejoice in that knowledge. 

Gospel Lesson

We serve a God that seeks the Lost.  We serve a God that seeks the forgotten. We serve a God that seeks the one that has been cast aside.  We serve a God that seeks the ones that have wandered far from home.  We serve a God that leaves the 99 to go and find the 1.  We serve a God that longs to see His people come home.  

He will never leave, nor forsake us.  Let us always remember that God loves and us will seek us out, no matter the situation in our live. God will come for us.  God will bring us home. 

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