Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent: Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

One of the constant refrains in the early chapters of Isaiah is God's condemnation of the proud. Those that are proud, those that are lofty, those that think too highly of themselves, those that are not humble in their walk with God or with each other, God will bring down. 

Humility is a great virtue, and is something that we should all work towards. It is important to be mindful of the fact that we are not as strong as we think we, outside of God's strength.  Through God, there is nothing that is impossible. Through our own strength, there is nothing we can do. May we remember that in our weakness He is made perfect, and may we be humble of heart. 

New Testament Lesson

Paul always received great joy in seeing others grow.  It always encouraged him in the times of distress to see how others are growing closer to the Lord.  It always reminded him in times of trouble that what he had done was in vain, that the Lord used what he did in powerful ways. 

Never think that what you do is insignificant. Every little thing you do for God counts. Every kind word, every peace of grace, every prayer offered. Each of these, God will use in powerful ways.  None of it is in vain.  

Gospel Lesson

God is the God of the living. And, in God, life is found.  In God we find our life, our joy, our peace, our hope, our mercy, our very being. God is the God life.  Only in God, do we find true life. May we truly live, today. 

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