Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Thoughts

Today, just a thought.  We serve a God who over 2000 years ago loved us enough to send His son into our world to love us, teach us, and save us.  He entered into our world to show us love. 

Today, in this moment, He remains in our world. And He will enter into yours. All for that same purpose. To show you that you are loved.  You are precious in His sight.  You are His. 

How did Jesus enter into the world?  In a humble family.  God knew His son would need that family to show the world God's love. So, from the beginning, Jesus has His family.  In the very first Christmas, the Holy Family gathered together.  

And it continues today.  Just as Christmas shows us God's love, it also shows us the power of family. For, in the beginning of His earthly life, Jesus had his family.  And, as He did ministry, He expanded His family to all those that love Him and serve Him. 

So, today, on this Christmas Eve, let us remember that we are loved by a God so merciful He sent His son to us to show us love and to save us. 

And let us take time this day to celebrate that birth, and gather with family. And, just as Jesus taught us, family is not just those that we are kin to by blood, but family are those that love us and that we love.  

In our ministry, we have never served a church close to our family. That has required my family to look at things a little different. We see family not just as those that we are related to by blood, but we see our church as our family, we see our community as our family.  

And, so today, spend time with family.  If not "blood" family, then your other.  Those that you love, and that love you.  If you love no and no one loves you, come by First Methodist tonight for worship. We'll love you.  

Because that's what God did for us. So may we do for one another.  

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