Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

One lesson scripture teaches us is that God is the one at work in all things. The king was great because God had raised up. And, if the king becomes too proud and disregards God, God will bring him back down. In all things, even the bad, God is at work.

And the power of God is that He can bring something good even out of the bad. Out of the tragic. Out of the sad. God can bring good out of anything. Let's trust in Him!

New Testament Lesson

John reminds us again God hears us. God hears our prayers, hears our concerns, hears our hurts. God hears you now. When you lift your voice up to Him, He hears you. And will answer. Today, let us pray without ceasing and let us lift our hearts to Him.

Gospel Lesson

Jesus told Peter to something he normally would not have done, different from the way he was used to, different from what he knew. And Peter did, and found something better than he would have ever found doing his own way, doing the way he normally did. When he trusted Jesus, followed Jesus, he found more than his mind could have ever thought possible.

So will we.

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