Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter: Wednesday, May 29, 2009

Sorry my blogging has been inconsistent this week. Been one of those weeks!

Old Testament Lesson

One of the lessons that scripture teaches us over and over again is that it is the pride that goes before the fall. We need to always be careful not to think too much of ourselves, our strength, our might, our ability. Every time that happens, we get ourselves in trouble.

It's not that we can't do great things. It's not that we aren't special. We are. But, remember our strength comes from God and not from ourselves. And we are each special because we are made in God's image. God loves us each. But it is His love that gives us our strength.

New Testament Lesson

Our love for God is seen our keeping of the commandments. What is the greatest of the commands given by God? To love the Lord our God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. How can we say we love God who is unseen, and hate our neighbor who is seen? As we love God - that love is shown forth in our love for each other.

Gospel Lesson

Jesus brings life. And peace. And hope. And health. He is the cure. Even if life is not perfect (which it never is) He is there. He is there in our moments of peace and of pain. And we can trust in Him in all them. Today, and always, may we trust in Him.

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