Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Isaiah 30:18-21

God shows Himself to His people. He will be there. When He is called He will be there. When He is sought, He will be there. When He is needed, He will be there. There may be times in our lives when we feel like our prayers are bouncing off the floor of heaven, but God is there. There are dry times. There are times when we don't feel His presence. There are times when we do feel alone.

That is why we must be careful to not just trust our feelings. Even when we feel like He is not there, He is. Trust. He is there. And, when we look through the eyes of faith, we will see Him. When His people need Him, He is there. Listen for His voice. Still yourself. Take time to quiet all the noise that surrounds. Listen. You'll hear Him.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 2:26-47

On Good Friday, Peter denied Jesus' name three times. On Pentecost, Peter preached a sermon and 3000 were saved. What was the difference? What did Peter do to make this happen?

There was a difference, but it wasn't Peter. It was the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter, on his own, denied Jesus. Peter, filled with God's spirit preached and thousands were saved. It wasn't about what Peter did, it was about what God did through Him.

It's not about our perfection. It's about God working through us. Look what God did through Peter today. He can do the same, have the same impact through us, as He did through Peter. Today, through His spirit, He can still change the world.

Gospel Lesson

John 14:15-31

Jesus has not left us orphaned. He has not abandoned us. He has not left us. Through the Spirit we receive comfort. Wisdom. Strength. Power. Today, in your weakness, turn to God. In your fear, turn to God. In your frailty, turn to God. And, you will find you are not alone or powerless. God is there with you and for you. And will give you the strength you need.

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