Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Daniel 2:1-16

We see here the king ask such a great thing that no one thinks it is possible to complete it. Even his own wise men know they cannot do it. When they come to Daniel to destroy him and his friends, he knows that God has given him the ability to do it. The tasks we face in life are often very tough. There are sometimes no easy answers. There are time when we do not know which way to turn, what do say, what to do. Daniel has taught us so far to trust in God in those times that is what he did today, and what he will do throughout the rest of this book. He trusted in God, and God did not fail him.

New Testament Lesson

1 John 2:1-11

John reminds us that those that love God must follow His commandments. The love of God Is not shown in our word, but rather in our lives. What then, are we to do? Live in the light. Love. Do not walk in darkness. Do not hate another. Forgive. Live a life of mercy. Show God's love to others as it has been shown to you. The world walks in the darkness of hate and anger. That must not be us. We must be the people of love. The people of forgiveness. The people of grace. As God has shown us grace, may we show grace to one another.

Gospel Lesson

John 17:12-19

Sometimes it feels like we are all alone. Sometimes it feels like no one knows, no one cares. It seems like we are in the battle all by ourselves. Remember, we are not. There are folks that love you – family, church, friends. But, today, we see the pray that our Lord prayed. Father, He said, protect them, care for them. Keep them. Love them. Jesus asked God to be with us. And He is.

You are not alone today. Believe in that. Trust in that. God is with you. Believe. You can cling to that. He is here, and He cares. God is with you.

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