Monday, August 10, 2009

Ordinary Time: Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

2 Samuel 13:23-39

David's life grows very chaotic in the end. We see here family strife. We see even such extreme thing as rape and murder. We see even what should be the perfect family start the fall apart. And this reminds us that in the end, there is no perfect family. There is no perfect life. All of our lives have struggles and problem. All of our lives have times of great trials and tragedies. Even David's a man after God's own heart.

So, when you go through bad times, or times of pain, stress, and tears, remember you're alone. You will not be the first to go through such things, nor will you be the last. But, just as God was David during these times, so is He with you. At this time, and always.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 20:17-38

Paul is leaving on a journey and he knows he will not be back. He knows that this the last time he'll see these friends here. These ones that he loves and has worked with. And so he tells them to remember the important things. Hold fast to Jesus. Cling to His grace. Believe upon Him. Stick together. Don't depart from the faith. Remember it's not complicated — faith in Jesus. He wants them to remember what's most important.

And I think that's good thing for us. Sometimes we can spend our time on those things that aren't the most important, on those things that we'll never figure out. Instead, let's focus on what we do know - God loves you. He sent His son to show you His love and to save you through faith. He wants you to love Him, and love each other. Those are the essentials. Let's focus all our lives on those; and know that in the end, all things are in God's hands.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 9:42-50

Jesus tells us today that we don't just live for ourselves; we live for others. How I live my life, it will affect your life. How you live yours will affect mine. We are connected. We are part of one family, we are all part of one body — the body of Christ. So instead of tearing each other down, let us build each other up. Instead of hurting one another, let us help one another. As member of the body of Christ, let us be there for one another. Because we need each other. We don't walk this road alone, we walk it with God, and with each other. Let us do what we can to strengthen each other on this road we walk.

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