Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

1 Kings 3:1-15

God offered Solomon anything. Anything he could have wanted as king. And, Solomon proved that he already had some wisdom when he asked God for wisdom and the ability to judge wisely. At this point in his life, Solomon had a firm understanding of what was most important. But, later in life we see him depart from this, as he began worshiping idols and departed from God. I don't want to jump ahead in the story, but notice right now Solomon gets it. Later he doesn't.

Today, though, we see a man that knows what's most important in life and he lives and makes decisions accordingly. Today, in our lives, what is most important for us? What guides our decision making? What determines how we will; who we will be? Today, and each day, may we allow God to guide us, lead us, and help to live they way He wants and be the people He wants.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 27:9-26

We see Paul encourage the men with the statement we see over and over again — have courage. Do not fear. God is at work. In this terrifying situation, Paul tells the men, God is at work. God is doing something. God will do something because God has a bigger plan than this. He will make a way. Even in the storm they were in, God would make a way.

What a great encouragement to those of us that are often tossed about in storms - God will make a way. Have courage. Do not fear. God is there. And He will make a way. In whatever it is, in whatever storm we face, God, will make a way. Remember God is bigger than any storm in life we may face. Let us have faith, let us not fear. God is with us.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 14:1-11

We see here an act of devotion and an act of betrayal. The unnamed woman, she shows her love and devotion to Jesus by anointing him and worshiping. Judas betrays. These two stories are right beside each other. Perhaps this shows how closely the acts can be to each other. Sometimes in our lives, we are the woman, showing great devotion and love to Jesus. Sometimes we are Judas, betraying Him with our actions and words.

We are a mixture, aren't we? Sometimes we do right. Sometimes we do wrong. Sometime we glorify God. Sometimes we walk away. That's why we are saved by grace. None of us can earn what God wants to freely give us - His grace and mercy.

Today, you are loved. God loves you. Not because of what you've done, but because of what He's done. Live in that knowledge and grace today.

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