Monday, August 3, 2009

Ordinary Time: Monday, August 3, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see David realize that it's not right that he lives in such a nice palace while the Ark of the Covenant is in a tent. David says that he will build a house, a temple for God. But God says, no. Not now. Not yet. He will have a house, but it will not be built by David.

But, because of David's heart, because of his willingness to this for God, because of his understanding, God declares that David will have a house. Not just a material house, but a house that will last forever. His house, his kingdom, his linage will rule forever.

Jesus Christ is from the line of David. In scripture, He is sometimes called the Son of David. David wanted to build a house for God. God sent a savior through the line of David. Even now, at that point, God was at work, paving the way, for the redemption that was to come through Jesus.

New Testament Lesson

Everywhere Paul went, he met people that had the same heart, the same passion, the same vision that he did. Everywhere he went God was placing people in his path that would be an encouragement, a help, a friend on the way.

God knew that Paul couldn't do the things that God had called him to without help. God knew that the journey would be long, that there would be rough times, that their would be times of trial. And God knew that Paul would need encouragement; he would need friends.

In the roads we walk of life, may we take time to thank God for the friends He has given us, may we thank Him for those that walk the road with us that encourage, that challenge, that help. Like Paul, we need those friends. And, may we seek to be a friend as well.

Gospel Lesson

It must have frustrated Jesus, because the people (or the disciples) never saw. They never understood. He taught, He did miracles. He healed. He preached. And they never saw. The never listened. And you know what He did?

He kept loving. In spite of their lack of understanding, He kept loving. Even when they didn't get it, He kept loving. He never quit loving the people, or the disciples, even when they didn't get it.

Thank goodness it's the same today. He never quits loving us. Even when we mess up. Even when we don't get it. Even when we make mistakes. He loves. Today, and each day. May we live in the power of His love.

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