Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

2 Samuel 18:9-18

We see in this mention in the end of the passage the thing that plagued Absalom his entire life — pride. He wanted folks to know about him, how great he was, how handsome he was, how good a king he would be. He had an overwhelming sense of pride, and it is was got him in trouble. As Proverbs teaches us, it's the pride that goes before the fall.

Let us not become too prideful. Let us not grow to thing it's all about us. Let us not think too much of ourselves. Humility is not putting yourself down or having low self esteem. Humility is what a professor of mine called "self forgetfulness." It's forgetting about ourselves, and focusing on God and others. May we seek true and honest humility today, and each day.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 23:12-24

The Lord was at work in Paul's life at this point, making a way for him to testify to as many people as possible about Jesus. He had Paul speak before governors, kings, and eventually, according to legend, Caesar himself. Paul was able with his life to give witness the love and grace of God with all that he said and did.

May that be our mission as well. Regardless of who we live our lives in front of, from kings to commoners, may be glorify and give witness to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by what we say, how we live, and what we do.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 11:27-12:12

Jesus was standing in front of them today and they didn't realize it. They had the very son of God before them and they were so worried about other things that they missed him. May we not make the same mistake.

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